FREE B2B Networking Event for Business Owners and Executives

No Agenda. No format. No infomercials. Only open format networking where people meet, connect, and hopefully do some business.

Did we mention there is no charge to you? It’s FREE Lead Generation!


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We have just a couple of “rules”

Please register before attending.  We WILL ask you to register at the door if you have not done so already, even if you have attended EVERY event. We keep track of who attends and how often they are there.  We will add you to our invite lists and personal email databases.  WE DO NOT provide your information to others and never sell/share our attendee list.

First names only on your name badge – no company name or corporate badges. We have now proven our theory that people profile at networking events.  We want to encourage everyone to just speak to each other.

The success of this event is the result of people “Paying It Forward”.  If you like what you’ve seen and experienced here…please be sure to tell your friends and colleagues and invite them as well.  In other words…”Pay It Forward”.

No literature or promotional materials on tables. We have no problem with you handing out promotional materials to people you speak with, but please do not leave materials on tables or on the bar.

Professional Suggestions

Please respect everyone: You never know who the person you are talking to knows. They don’t have to be a good prospect to be a good connection. Their friend, neighbor or family member could be the person you would really love to do business with and you want to make sure you don’t miss that opportunity. That doesn’t mean you need to spend 30 minutes speaking with someone you don’t wish to know better. Hone your networking skills to meet and be gracious to as many people as possible.

Support the venue: The venue is generous enough not to charge for the space and provides appetizers. Please purchase a beverage and consider choosing QBar for a future dinner party.

Please be generous to your hardworking bartenders and servers: They are working hard to make sure you have a good evening. Show them your appreciation.

Don’t come empty handed: Bring plenty of business cards and be prepared to hand them out to others that you meet.


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